The Process

Raising funds for real estate projects using either Reg D 506(c) or Reg A+ is a process.  The following is a comprehensive presentation describing each step required to develop and complete each kind filing.

Regulation A+ Offering Preparation and Execution Support

  • Form 1-A Offering Statement and includes guidance and organization of needed Exhibits
  • Direct in-house EDGAR submission of Form 1-A Offering Statement and Exhibits to the SEC
  • Handling of any SEC comments and final submission of Offering Statement and Exhibits for final SEC Qualification
  • Assistance, coordination and recommendations for related vendors such as transfer agents and broker dealers
  • Comprehensive compliance support as the offering is executed and sold
  • Optional on-going reporting forms filing services (for Tier 2 Issuers – Form 1-U, Form 1-K and Form 1-SA filing services)*

* additional fees apply for filing services.

Interested in executing a Regulation A+ Offering? Frequently called a “mini-IPO” – the Regulation A+ program provides the capability for issuers to engage in general advertising and solicitation of the offering and allows accredited and non-accredited investors to participate. The program also allows for a fast track to becoming publicly trading or the issuer can opt to remain privately held.

Regulation D Resources provides comprehensive Regulation A+ Offering Preparation and Execution Support Services for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Regulation A+ exempt offerings. Our Regulation A+ Services Package includes Regulation A+ Offering Preparation and a Regulation A+ Investor Portal to promote the offering and manage investor subscription and compliance processes.

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